Our Briefings

  • Wondering what to do with that 150page LCA report?  
  • Is even the executive summary too technical to share with your boss?
  • Did you have to hire a translator to digest the study into a 3 point action plan?
  • Would you now like to communicate this plan throughout your company?

Too often LCA studies end up collecting dust on a shelf and the learning’s are never disseminated throughout an organization. We understand and can unravel complex scientific information for your audiences.  Whether they be product designers, manufacturing engineers, purchasing agents or sales or EH&S professionals we can help you communicate LCA information in a manner they can understand and use.   Utilizing an e-learning platform we translate complex concepts into simple actionable components you can support your sustainability projects and drive change through your organization quickly and cost effectively.

Consider putting your LCA study into action with a custom e-learning course developed specifically for your audience.