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LCA what is it why would i want one

LCA:  What is it?  Why would I want one?
The goal of this course is to provide students with a high level view of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) so that you understand it’s value for making more sustainable choices. We will look at what an LCA is actually measuring, what the results might tell you, and why you would want to do one. Throughout the course, several hypothetical building examples are used. Free for 90 days.
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LCA 7 key conceptsLCA: 7 Key Concepts
There are a lot of details to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology that professionals must follow to assure fair and accurate comparisons.  Unfortunately these details can easily be glossed over, hidden, or simply mistakenly forgotten.  In this course you will learn the 7 key concepts that non-LCA professionals need to understand to successfully commission and manage an LCA project.  Throughout this course we will use a hypothetical window example to illustrate some of the key concepts. $25 for 1 year.
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Survey of Impact Categories ThumbnailSurvey of Impact Categories
In LCA we ultimately want to know how emissions from our activities impact ecosystem and human health, and how our activities are depleting earth’s resources: our fossil fuels, metals, water, land etc. To do this, we group potential impacts into areas of concern, impact categories.  In this eUnit you will learn about ten impact categories, what the category is measuring, why we care about it, the major activities and emissions that are effecting the category, and, finally, some of the environmental mechanisms scientists are modeling within each category.  $50 for 1 year.
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Recycling Course photo

Modeling Recycling in LCA and Carbon Footprints
Modeling recycling is tricky because the system boundary of any one LCA or Carbon Footprint study includes just a portion of a materials many lives. The correct way to model recycling has been extensively discussed over the past two decades. Many approaches have been suggested. In this course we will describe the three most common approaches. Then, using an example of 30% recycled content paper, we will  model these three approaches in three different LCA software tools assuming 50% of the paper is recycled at end of life, 40% is landfilled and 10% is incinerated.  $50 for 1 year.
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