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GHG LogoIn collaboration with Circle Learning, developed for World Resource Institute (WRI) a 10 hour on-line course to train potential users of the GHG Protocol Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard.

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Demystifying Embodied Energy

One of the seemingly more mysterious concepts in building green is embodied energy.  What is it, and do green building rating systems recognize and account for embodied energy? In reality, it is not that difficult to define it, but measuring it is infinitely more complex. This course demystifies embodied energy and identifies what you need to know before sourcing materials for green building projects.  The course also reviews how LEED v4 addresses embodied energy, and especially in the Materials and Resources section.

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Communicating the Value of Flexible Packaging in Reducing Food Waste

Study documents quantifiable scientific evidence of flexible food packaging systems reducing consumer food waste, develops key messages, and makes recommendations for education, communication and future research.





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