Our Briefings


•  Wondering what to do with that 150 page LCA report?
•  Is even the executive summary too technical to share with your boss?
•  Did you have to hire a translator to digest the study into a 3 point action plan?
•  Would you now like to communicate the study to your clients?

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Our Courses

LCA what is it why would i want one

Our educational materials translate complex scientific concepts into clear instructional information. They are designed to help you apply sustainability principles to whatever line of work or study you are involved with.

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Our Company

McEwen Associates collaborates with experts from many fields to communicate complex information to diverse audiences.

We work at the intersection of sustainability, product design, R&D, and manufacturing to help organizations disseminate and apply sustainability initiatives.

What do we do?
•  Develop educational content
•  Create Instructional Design
•  Produce training courses
•  Produce educational sales briefings